The site is the Agrell family’s place on the net since 2004. It is a forum of present members of the family as well as a source of family history. The site is motivated by the interest of finding out as much as possible about the Agrell family in its historical context, and the purpose is to offer a meeting-place for further information. In most modern genealogical research the focus on family history also includes perspectives of social and cultural history, and, hopefully, this site will stimulate further research in these fields. As a starting point, the main outlines of the family history are presented and some of the present members are listed.

As a meeting-place for knowledge development, the site must be under constant (re)construction, which also means that gaps and inconsequences are unavoidable. A family is a huge network of relations with no steady limits. The main interest of this site is concentrated to the Värmland branch of the Agrell family, but since it of course ramifies in all directions, the main focus is on the lineal descendence. Still the information presented runs into a few sidetracks and digressions that might throw some light on the yet unknown larger whole of the Agrell family.

All pages under “Family history” are authored by Erik Agrell, who carries the full responsibility for the contents and holds the copyright. Feedback is welcome to, particularly from anyone named Agrell or anyone who can share some family history or supply new information regarding the name Agrell. Individuals under “Who are we?” are responsible for the contents of their own websites.

The pages are yet in one language only, English or Swedish, somewhat arbitrarily chosen. If there is enough interest (let us know), the site may be made more bilingual in the future.

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